How We Work - It's As Easy As 1-2-3 !


" really pleased how quickly they found experienced candidates for us. Very happy !”   REM



1. We Write Your Advertisement

- Describe to us the skills & experience you need

- Or ask for our Job & Person Spec template!

- We draft an advert & forward to you for approval

- Advert wording optimised for maximum response

- Advertised for 28 days on Premium Job Boards

- And promoted on LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter

2. We Screen ALL Applications

- All applicants questioned about their experience

- Relevant experience highlighted on CV's

- Relevant Qualifications highlighted on CV's

- Commute time checked & noted on CV's

- Screened candidate CV's forwarded to you

- All CV's contain candidate contact details

3. Select, Interview & Appoint

- All the hard work is done for you...

- Just read the screened CV's we forward to you
- Short-list & contact the best candidates
- Arrange face-to face interviews for finalists
- Appoint your new employee(s)
- Archive selected CV's for future appointments


We love it when people ask…


"Why do you only charge £497 to find staff for employers when most recruiters charge thousands ?”


The answer is very simple!


We’ve been helping employers find new staff for over 30 years, so we know a thing or two about how to find and attract staff to an organisation, and we've experienced first-hand the incredible improvements in efficiency brought about by online technology. 


Up to 10 years ago we operated entirely OFF-line from expensive High St premises. Our running costs were considerable, and to cover those costs so were our fees!


Like you we've seen how Amazon, Skyscanner, Airbnb and other online businesses have revolutionised the retail, leisure and other sectors. They work entirely ON-line, don't have expensive High St premises, use digital technology to the max, and as a result have been able to improve efficiency and reduce consumer prices dramatically.


Fast forward 10 years.


ON-line technology has now changed our business model completely. Everything we do is ON-line and available in seconds.

And it's the same for candidates. Almost everyone looking for work or a change in career is now registered with ON-line Job Boards, Linkedin and Facebook. They no longer look in newspapers or visit the High Street to find their next job, they search ON-line. 


We think the 'old-school' recruitment model with it's huge fees and unhappy clients is outdated, so we've developed a different and highly cost-effective way of working appropriate for the 21st Century called RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing.  We design, set up and professionally manage your recruitment campaigns, and make sure they achieve the results you want for a fraction of the cost of 'traditional' recruitment.

It's like having your own in-house, highly experienced Recruitment Team with all the latest tools and resources, but without the expense!


Consider this.


The largest UK Job-Board database contains over 11 million CV’s (a third of the working population of the UK), all voluntarily uploaded by their owner. That's just ONE database, and it's far from the only one. When you add LinkedIn to that, and all the rival Job Boards with similar databases, our claim to have access to over half the working population is likely to be hugely understated.  

Imagine all the people you can see on a crowded commuter train, tube train, bus or motorway at rush hour. ON-line databases give us direct access to over half that crowd. That's the amazing power of ON-line recruiting!


In conclusion. 


If you're a Micro / SME employer and can't afford 'old school' recruitment fees, give us a call and discover quality, speed and money saving benefits of professional recruitment.  


And if you're a larger business still paying huge fees for recruitment you need to ask yourself why?

Give us a call and be prepared for a pleasant surprise!


Welcome to the world of affordable recruitment ! 


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