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Here's how we can help you...


* Don't have a Job or Person Specification? No problem, we'll send you our quick-to-complete, one-page template. Once you've answered the questions, you (and we) will have a very clear understanding of what you're looking for.


* Not sure how much you should pay your new employee?  We'll research the market and advise you.


* Skill shortages? In theses times of full employment and declining immigration from Europe, skill shortages are becoming an ever more serious problem.  As an employer you need to be able to demonstrate clearly to potential candidates why they should work for YOU and not for a competitor with a similar opening. As part of our service, we offer a free 'Talent attraction review' and a 'Strategy blueprint' to prepare you for the future.


* The cost. We know that conventional recruitment company fees are often un-affordable for many Micro and SME employers. This will not apply in our case. If you've decided you can afford your new employee, then we can offer a fee that we know is affordable for you.  Give us a call and we'll explain.


* Access to over half the UK working population. Unleash the power of online services and databases to locate, approach and attract applicants for your vacancies.   We conservatively estimate you will have access to over half the working population of the UK.


In conclusion. 


If you're a Micro / SME employer needing to hire and can't afford 'old school' recruitment fees, give us a call and discover the quality, speed and money saving benefits of professional online recruitment.  

And if you're a larger business still paying huge fees for recruitment you need to ask yourself why?

Give us a call and be prepared for a pleasant surprise!


Welcome to the world of ethical and affordable recruitment !  

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